Contre Force Firearms Training

Shooting is Easy…

Line up the Sights FRONT to REAR SIGHT Level on Top, Equal Distance on each side of Rear Sight…Compress trigger without Disturbing Sight Picture and that’s it …RIGHT??? Would you agree?

So why is it that the degree of accuracy in an Armed Defensive encounter only averages at a 15% to 20% hit rate?

Could it be the lack of Training? Or the Drill Instructor approach to training “Pick up the Front Sight “Aim for Center Mass” or the belief that “Practice makes Perfect” instead of “Perfect Practice makes Perfect”

Maybe its because students have not gained enough INSIGHT to the Shooting Process, by training the Mind as well as the Body.

The Mind Controls the Gun…The Gun Controls where the bullet will impact.

We will cover how Your Mind can create the State of belief “ YOU CAN DO IT”. By starting there we will attempt to give you the ability to go far beyond where you have gone before to a high level of skill in a short amount of time.

This is a revolutionary “Out of the Box Training” it contains all of the Fundamentals of the Operational Function of hand held firearms , Safety in the handling of a firearm, Range Safety, Safe operation and handling of firearms while on the Firing line and The Fundamentals of Precise Marksmanship.

We will also delve into: The Mental Dynamics of the MIND and Body Connection and The Combat Mindset you need to control your perceptions.

These Fundamentals are the basis for all future training you may choose to enjoy.

The similarity to the standards of Firearms Training until now is radically different. That does not mean it is radically better. It is a different approach and has enjoyed some truly astounding results.

We will show you how to achieve the “ZONE of PEAK PEFORMANCE”… as do any of the Successful Professional Athletes … whether it be Track & Field or the Olympics or Conventional Sports, Baseball ,Football, Tennis ..or SHOOTING!!!

We will show you how to develop a Pre-Shot Routine (a mental rehearsal where you see yourself doing everything perfectly.) You will learn how to set up routines in your mind of the results you want to see. You will Pre-Load frames and the body will follow and project success.

We will talk about when you experience “Paralysis through Analysis “… Attempting to think your way through the process. You will have an understanding of the How and Why of the mechanics of the process.

We will help you build a Map in the Mind for the Body to Follow through Recursion to create a process called Myelination commonly known as “Muscle Memory “which allows us to program the training directly to the unconscious to build a “Neural Pathway” that will hold up under the most extreme or trying conditions.

Takes place at the Unconscious Level.