Combat Tactical

The Combat Tactical Class is an aggressive shooting course that will advance your “defensive pistol” shooting skills to a new tactical level. Training is conducted in realistic situations that simulate actual conditions. This course will prepare you to repel or stop an attack from an aggressor. You will learn new dynamic techniques that work in real-life situations, giving “you” the tactical edge.

Elements Include:

• Safety and Handling

• Tactical Reloading & Stoppage Drills

• Dynamic Drawing and Firing Techniques

• Close Quarter Multiple Targets

• Positioned Firing (kneeling, sitting, and prone)

• Conforming to Cover

• Firing on the Move

• Moving Targets

• Low Light Engagements


Special Requirements: (Defensive Pistol or equivalent is a prerequisite)

• Pistol

• 200 rounds of ammunition

• holster

• 2 pistol magazines or speed loaders

• flashlight

• A jacket for concealment