Marksmanship Fundamentals

Anyone can learn to shoot well. Learn the mental facets of peak performance and physical dynamics of precision accuracy. Experienced shooters can also benefit from understanding new insights into the mind-body relationship, and how the unconscious can be engaged to aid in an accelerated learning process. These same techniques allow you to maximize your training and reduce the time required to achieve excellence.


Fundamental shooting techniques:

• Safety on the Range and at Home

• Don’t buy, until you try

• Shoot different types of firearms to find the best fit for you

• Gain complete comfort and confidence with your firearm

• Learn the correct manipulation skills for firearm handling

• Proper loading and unloading techniques

• Learn the secrets of marksmanship accuracy

Advanced Marksmanship

Advanced marksmanship courses build upon the fundamentals and explore the in-depth relationships of the shooter’s visual system, biomechanics, and the physical requirements for accuracy and speed.

We will explore the extent of the shooter’s knowledge of marksmanship and their ability to apply those skills on the range. We will identify each individual’s strengths and weaknesses, and create a personal training plan to develop those skills into mastery.

The focus will be to economize movement and maximize speed and accuracy while delivering an accurate precision sighted shot.

We will also explore the relationship between the mind and body, and the negative effects of fear and how to control your emotional state while shooting, and in self defense situations.

Shooters will integrate newly learned information to the unconscious, so the techniques will become automatic.


Advanced shooting techniques:

• Practice defensive shooting drills

• Safely and effectively draw from a holster or concealment

• Shoot accurately at speed