Executive Protection

Only with conscientious attention to detail and strict adherence to security discipline can key individuals be provided with adequate personal protection. Contreforce has extensive experience in every aspect of the theory, practice, and provision of effective Personal Protection.

Our Personal Protection Specialists are personable, intelligent, unobtrusive and pro-actively as well as re-actively trained to anticipate, recognize and neutralize potential risks. When required, our agents blend discretely with a client’s environment and do not unduly inhibit his or her normal activities. Whether our duties require us to be at a residence, office, social function, in transit or at a client’s destination, our Personal Protection Specialists have the skills and knowledge to effectively perform their responsibilities.

All of our agents are thoroughly investigated as to their background, and maintain the highest standards of reliability and integrity. They are highly aware, motivated individuals of the highest caliber and capable of meeting any threat with efficiency, authority and discretion.

Travel Security

The Executive or his family is at the greatest risk when traveling between his residence or office and any known destination. An astonishingly high percentage of kidnappings and assassinations, and a considerable number of bombings take place in or around a vehicle. Confrontation at a client’s home or office is less likely than an attack launched at or around a vehicle. At Contreforce we specialize in assessing vulnerability in this area and can make detailed recommendations as to:

• Vehicle and driving security

• Vehicle search and security procedures

• Entry and exit procedures

• Route selection and Planning

• Risk Assessment and Analysis

Our Personal Protection Specialists are trained to be alert through scenarios from simple walking drills to advanced evasive driving skills. An emphasis on incident avoidance helps to significantly decrease the potential for a vehicular accident involving the client, while safely transporting him to his destination. Whether making a personal appearance at an event, or a daily commute, our clients can have complete trust in our agent’s ability to avoid accidents, react to emergencies, and get away from danger.

Physical (Location) Security

Contreforce is capable of creating a written Risk Assessment for entire building and location vulnerabilities. This is an in-depth evaluation of existing security, life safety systems (including fire safety, occupational safety, and evacuation plans) as well as specific recommendations regarding:

• Perimeter security

• Office security

• Access control

• Personnel & visitor identification

• Protective lighting

• Portals (gates, entrances, windows & roofs)

• Locking devices

• Safe rooms

• Electronic security

• Surveillance & countermeasures

• Package control & search

• Security patrol officers & guards

• Executive protective services

Function/Event Security

Events throughout the world daily emphasize the fact that there has never been a greater need and demand for professional security arrangements to protect both the individual and property. Nowhere is this more true than at special events and functions. Contreforce can help assess the special considerations for:

• Security planning for special events

• Special Considerations

• Contingency Planning

• Staff Briefing Sessions

• Physical (Location) Security

• Personal Protection services

Philosophy of Conflict Avoidance

Accepted philosophy at the heart of modern Personal Protection rests on three key fundamentals:

• Conflict avoidance

• Being proactive before reactive

• Cover and evacuate

Conflict avoidance means avoiding hazards, accidents, confrontations and embarrassments. The vast majority of the Personal Protection Specialist’s time is spent practicing conflict avoidance, because the most desirable challenge is the one you never have. If avoidance and proactive measures fail to deter a challenge, the Personal Protection Specialist must cover and evacuate if possible. Confrontation with an aggressor is disadvantageous and reactive measures should be taken only when proactive measures fail.

However, when reactive measures are necessary, the Personal Protection Specialist should be willing and capable to use them decisively.

The Personal Protection Specialist’s primary responsibility is to get the client to safety. To do so, all of our Personal Protection Specialists are rigorously trained in Close Protection techniques and the following support areas:

• Logistics

• Advance surveys

• Threat assessments

• Adversary profiles

• Vulnerability surveys

• Intelligence gathering

• Crime Potential

• Safety hazards

• Intrusion detection

• Bomb detection

• Electronic detection

• Surveillance and counter-surveillance