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Shoot 1-Hole Groups
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Have you ever wondered why some shooters are more accurate that you are?

• How much money do you waste practicing and never achieve the consistent precision accuracy that you always wanted ?

Moishe is a journalism student, he is a first time shooter and within only 5 hours of the first day of our “Deadly Accuracy Course” he was able to accomplish shooting 50 Rounds through one hole consistently and split a business card on the edge.

Antonio, a former NYC Police Officer, is now involved in an occupation which takes him literally all around the world. In addition to his other occupation he also trains people in various areas overseas in the use of Firearms. Antonio took our “Deadly Accuracy Course” and in addition to shooting 60 Rounds through one hole and splitting a business card on edge the very first day, on the second day he accomplished the amazing task of shooting one hole groups involving random commands to shoot multiple rounds at non-sequential numbers from the holster, quite an accomplishment.

Fred is a Federal Officer who came to us with a goal of improving his skill in anticipation of attaining a high score on his qualifications and of course to be better prepared to protect himself and his fellow officers. He accomplished his goal in the 1st day of our “Deadly Accuracy Course” shooting extremely tight groups consistently.

Dwight is a devoted Port Authority Police Officer who wanted to pursue some extended firearms Training. After only 3 to 4 hours on his first day of training he Split a Business card on the edge and shot 30 rounds through the same hole. Dwight reports that during his most recent qualification, he achieved one of the highest scores recorded with the PAPD.

Unberto Urango is retired from the NYC Housing PD before it was merged with the NYCPD. His goal in coming to us was to become proficient enough to become an NRA Certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor.
My name is Umberto Uranga. I took a 2 day course with you back in September 2012 at the Westside Pistol Range, which was incredible and extremely informative. I have since passed the NRA firearms course and I am now a New York State certified law enforcement firearms instructor, and not to sound too cocky but you were right – I did destroy the competition on the firing line! From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for your incredible teaching skills which have made me extremely proficient in handling and shooting a firearm.

Issac Bought his first gun 10 Years ago and has not always been satisfied with his results when visiting the range. Within a 2-3 hour session he fired 20 rounds through the same hole and split a business card on the edge.